Multi-Platinum Solo Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter - 40 Million Albums Plus Sold!
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  • Original member of the legendary band The Plasmatics

  • Beauvoir's trademark blonde Mohawk and "Just Do You" attitude has influenced dozens of top name artists and bands for decades

  • In 1985 Beauvoir's hit song "Feel the Heat" (Columbia/Virgin Records) featured in Sylvester Stallone's blockbuster film "Cobra", landed him Top 100 hit single and album on Billboard, heavy rotation on MTV and other popular video channels for several months and a Top 10 hit in numerous countries around the world

  • Works featured on over 500 albums

  • 40 million plus records sold

  • Written and produced hit songs for legendary bands/artists, such as KISS, Ramones, The Pretenders, John Waite, Debbie Harry, Lita Ford and  many others

  • Performed, produced and/or wrote songs for Hollywood Blockbuster films, such as Sylvester Stallone's "Cobra" (which remains one of the biggest cult films from the 80's). At the time, Cobra was the biggest release and had the largest advertising budget of any film, where Beauvoir's "Feel the Heat" was the soundtrack. Other title and theme songs to his credit include "Pet Semetary", "Christmas with the Kranks", "Rock and Rock High School Forever", "Why Him", "School of Rock", "Shocker" and more

  • Toured or performed with Bon Jovi (European Stadium Tour), The Plasmatics, The Who (US), The Eurythmics, Bruce Springsteen (duet for live album Bercy Nights), Van Halen, Slash, Lita Ford, Tina Turner, The US Festival and many others

  • Led his successful band projects Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X to topping
    ​charts, gracing magazine covers around the world. Crown of Thorns spent an incredible 6 months topping the UK Rock Chart.

  • Performed on the US hit TV talk show "Wendy Williams"

  • Latest releases, Jean Beauvoir "Rock Masterpieces Vol 1 and Vol 2". Features hits and favorites songs from Beauvoir solo and band projects.

  • Tours with world class internationally  known musicians:
    Drums - Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen, W.A.S.P,
    Northtale, Impellitteri, Vinnie Moore, George Lynch and more)
    Guitar - Johnny Hyatt (recorded and toured with members of W.A.S.P, Lita Ford, Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen and more)
    Bass - Erik Stone (Carnivalle)



  • "Feel The Heat" (solo)

  • "Missing The Young Days (solo)

  • "Uh All Night" (KISS)

  • "Who Wants To Be Lonely" (KISS)

  • "Thrills In The Night" (KISS)

  • "Shocker" (film title song)

  • "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down" (The Ramones, film "School of Rock")

  • Pet Sematary (The Ramones)

  • Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)

  • Masterplan (The Plasmatics)

  • Led Zeppelin Medley (3 songs)

  • "Dying For Love" (solo & Crown of Thorns)

  • "Born To Be Wild" (Beauvoir version for US/Canada Procter & Gamble TV Commercial)

Recognized as one of the top 50 "Most Influential Black Rock Artists" in music history (Guitar World Magazine), Jean Beauvoir has remained true to his rock and punk roots and has been featured on multiple rock magazine covers, 1000’s of articles, TV shows and films throughout his solo career and also as an actor. He holds one of the most successful, storied careers in music.

Beauvoir is back out playing live! Said to be one of the last great front men to grace a Rock and Roll stage. Easily recognizable by his trademark Blonde Mohawk hair style, Beauvoir commands the stage and audiences around the world with the greatest of ease, leaving fans elated beyond their expectations…

He is touring as JEAN BEAUVOIR with a killer band:

  • Patrick Johansson (drums) – one of the world’s greatest drummers who has showcased his prowess with Yngwie Malmsteen for 14 years and also with W.A.S.P, Northtale, Impellitteri, Vinnie Moore, George Lynch and more.

  • Johnny Hyatt (guitar) – an accomplished lead guitarist who has recorded and toured with members of W.A.S.P, Lita Ford, Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen and more.

  • Erik Stone (bass) – born and raised in Milwaukee, and moved to South Florida in the early 90's. He has toured and performed with Patrick Johansson, as well as with his band Carnivalle, which has shared stages with many national and international artists. He is simply a great bass player.

The set list includes songs from his debut solo album, Crown Of Thorns, Voodoo X, songs he’s written for Hollywood blockbuster films such as School Of Rock (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down) which he wrote and produced for the Ramones and has been rated as The Ramones most important song ever recorded, SHOCKER, the title song, which he wrote for the Wes Craven Film of the same name , KISS singles “Who Wants To Be Lonely”, “Uh All Night” and “Thrills In The Night” he wrote. Beauvoir’s version of Steppenwolf’s worldwide hit “Born To Be Wild”, is also featured in the set, as his version of the song was chosen from many as the theme to a very popular international commercial spot running on TV and online 2019 and 2020. It’s a powerful set of well-known memorable songs, some which are not played live by anyone except Beauvoir and definitely crowd pleasers.








Beauvoir’s live show has already hit stages such as Hard Rock Calling, UK, mainstage with Springsteen and Dave Matthews, Belgium’s Graspop Festival, Beauvoir headlined Germany’s Heat Festival 2018 to a sold out crowd, Rockingham Festival UK, Chicago’s MR5, Germany’s premier Open Air Festival Rock Of Ages 2019, Spain’s Askena Festival and he headlined 2019’s Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, which included Artists Lita Ford, Doro Pesch, Rudy Sarzo, Carmine and Vinnie Appice and many other industry luminaries. The new Bob Nalbandian film “Band vs Brand” also premiered at this ceremony, which also features Beauvoir.

Beauvoir has confirmed Sweden Rock Festival 2020 (one of the world’s most popular festivals)  and will be adding shows for 2020.

Jean has quietly amassed a stunning catalogue of songs including “hit” songs over the years. With 40 million plus records sold and climbing! He is featured on over 500 albums to date.

As a member of the Plasmatics, one of the most outrageous, controversial, and successful Punk bands ever, he created the now iconic Blonde Mohawk. After leaving the Plasmatics and turning down offers from Prince to play bass and produce his solo album and from other notable artists who tried to nab him, he was encouraged by Steven Van Zandt to join “Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul” for a bit. Steven taking a break from Bruce Springsteen, felt that Beauvoir working with E-Street band members would make his talents undeniable to record companies. After working closely with Van Zandt for 2 albums “Men Without Women” and “Voices Of America” plus international tours and festivals around the globe, which included the famous US Festival, UK’s Redding Festival, headlining Germany’s prestigious RockPalast Concert TV series twice and many others, yet he was still determined to pursue his goals.





Leaving Little Steven and the Disciples, but still remaining close, he then met manager Gary Kurfirst, who launched his multi-platinum solo career by introducing him to Richard Branson (Virgin Records) on his river boat in London, who took a gamble on a young, unproven solo artist, giving him his own label with full creative control for his solo works. As a result, music from his solo debut album 'Drums Along the Mohawk' was hand-picked by Sylvester Stallone for the film COBRA, leading Beauvoir to a second deal with Al Teller (Columbia Records) for the US. "Feel the Heat" Performed, produced, written and all instruments played by Beauvoir, became the leading track for the film, movie trailer and the entire worldwide campaign, receiving the largest advertising budget of any Hollywood film to date and the widest release! It opened #1 at the box office, more than doubled its contender 'TOP GUN' and broke the previous year's record for Rambo: Part 2 with “Feel The Heat” topping charts in many countries; a success that has continued to follow him throughout his career as it landed Beauvoir his first International hit as a solo artist and made him an undisputed, recognized International Rock Star…

COBRA remains a very popular cult classic about to be rebooted as a TV series.

Beauvoir went on to expanding his achievements as a producer/songwriter; producing and co-writing one of the Ramones greatest and most important singles, (Afro Punk, Rolling Stone Magazine”), the antifascist protest song about Reagan’s trip to Bitburg, (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg), renamed to “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down”. He also co-wrote one of their other biggest singles, “Something To Believe In”, both were included on the Beauvoir produced album, “Animal Boy”. He was then recruited for Pet Sematary, (Stephen King), which was the highest charting song achieved by The Ramones in the US throughout their entire career, It peaked at #4 in Billboard, whereas no other Ramones song ever surpassed #66 on the US charts, (Rolling Stone Magazine 2017). He also produced and arranged the hit single “Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight”, which was featured in 2 Blockbuster films, “Christmas With The Kranks” and “Why Him?, from the Ramones “Brain Drain” album. Beauvoir’s works are featured on 21 Ramones albums to date. Hit singles he has co-written with the band KISS are also featured on numerous KISS releases throughout the years.










His next project would be Voodoo X, recording the album "Vol. 1: The Awakening" to pay tribute to his Haitian roots and Beauvoir was resigned to Columbia Records in Europe for that album, which was once again a big success and considered one of the best melodic rock records of all time. The video for "Voodoo Queen" is the only known recording of a song filmed during an actual live voodoo ritual, thanks to his internationally renowned Voodoo Priest uncle, Max Beauvoir (subject of the Wade Davis book “The Serpent And The Rainbow” and the film of same name made by Wes Craven). The song "The Awakening" is featured on the soundtrack for the blockbuster film “Shocker” also by Wes Craven. Beauvoir also wrote the title song “Shocker”, with his part-time writing partner, Desmond Child.

Jimmy Iovine (Interscope Records) was instrumental in helping Beauvoir launch his successful rock band Crown Of Thorns. The debut album, the subject of a highly publicized bidding war, hit music shops to critical acclaim and Rock Charts one week after release where it stayed for an impressive six-months. Prince, was a private bidder involved in the bidding war against Interscope and other major labels placing a $1-M plus bid for sole rights to the album, with numerous options, but with a stipulation requesting Beauvoir make a band member change, which Beauvoir opted not to make. Prince was never thrilled about the band concept and wanted Beauvoir to continue as a solo artist, Jimmy Iovine was of the same mindset. This was one of several attempts by Prince to sign Beauvoir. Beauvoir released an additional 8-albums under the moniker Crown Of Thorns, including 'Faith', featuring the single "Rock Ready", included in the MTV Rock Band game, before deciding in 2016 to place music from his various projects under one umbrella of Jean Beauvoir. 












Beauvoir released two albums recently featuring a selection of some of the “best of” his solo works and his projects Voodoo X and Crown Of Thorns. The albums entitled: Jean Beauvoir Rock Masterpieces Vol. 1 and 2, were released in 2018 to rave reviews, mostly 5/5 and 10/10 from well known rock magazines such as Powerplay UK, Classic Rock Magazine UK and Germany, Sweden Rock Magazine ("Album of the Summer") and many others.

Several songs from these albums appear on Rock Masterpieces: Vol. 1 including his most recent single "Standing On the Corner for Ya" which is a nod to Iovine who hand picked the Beauvoir penned single as ”the song” from the debut Crown Of Thorns album. The newly re-recorded, re-mastered version of "Standing On the Corner for Ya", released as a single, debuted internationally on The Wendy Williams Show (December 29, 2017). This release, Rock Masterpieces Vol. 2, includes more recordings from Beauvoir’s illustrious career.


He has collaborated (written and/or produced hits) with the Ramones, KISS, John Waite, Debbie Harry, N'SYNC, Lionel Richie, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Child, Doro Pesch, Andreas Carlsson, Bruce Springsteen (Bercy Nights live album duet), Jonghyun (K-pop Super Group Shinee) and others, including five Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame inductees, more recently with Korean Superstar Jonghyun of the K-pop super group Shinee whose lead single, "Crazy Guilty Pleasure" co-written and co-produced by Beauvoir from the “Base EP, hit #1 on Billboard's World Album Charts (U.S.), #1 on iTunes (Worldwide) and the single topped charts across Asia. 2019/20 Beauvoir opted for more collaborations and is working with Lita Ford, has co-written with Paul Stanley the new LORDI single, being released January 17th, 2020. Beauvoir is also collaborating with Finland's Jessica Wolf and Brittney Lightning (of Vixen).







Also a multi-instrumentalist, he played bass and/or guitar on numerous albums including KISS, ”Animalize and Asylum”, The Ramones “Animal Boy” album, “Pet Sematary”, “Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight”, Nona Hendryx, Cameo and many other recordings including multiple instruments played for his own projects.


His most recent film work as an actor, is a dual leading role (Bael/Lucifer) in the "The Killer's Requiem". The film won numerous international film awards at the St. Tropez International Film Festival and many others. Beauvoir is currently reviewing scripts submitted to him for future film roles.


His music is featured in well known, Blockbuster films including Cobra (Sylvester Stallone), Pet Sematary (Stephen King), Christmas with the Kranks (Tim Allen, Dan Aykroyd) , Rock 'n Roll High School Forever (Corey Feldman), School of Rock (Jack Black) Shocker (Wes Craven), Flawless (Robert DeNiro), The Guilty (Bill Pullman), Unthinkable (Samuel L. Jackson), RV (Robin Williams), and more recently Why Him? to name a few.


Jean Beauvoir is featured in Vol. 1 of "Icons of Rock" -An Encyclopedia of the Legends Who Changed Music Forever

Amongst numerous other books and publications around the globe


The Plasmatics - Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame Exhibit 2017

The Ramones - Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees 2002

KISS - Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul

Crown Of Thorns - Voodoo X & More


Featured on Over 500 Albums to Date

Over 40 Million Records Sold Worldwide & Counting

Music in ”School Oz” - The World’s First Hologram Musical

Collaborations with Five Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Ranked One of Music’s Top 50 Most Influential Black Rock Artists of All Time


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